About Sector – No Limits

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The Sector Watch Group is the leading Italian sport watchmaker in the industry, combining Swiss technology and Italian design, these watches are unique and recognizable worldwide.

The brand is closely associated with sports, particularly extreme sports, as a sponsor of various extreme challenges, like extreme kayaking, flying over the Sahara, free diving, rock climbing, most demanding expeditions and others. These extreme challenges are not just a part of the company’s marketing plan. They put Sector watches on constant test and unusual experiments with materials, shapes and mechanisms, in the most demanding situations, brings continuously improvement in the Sector watch line.

Sector No Limits is a brand that seeks to connect with men and women who are constantly challenging themselves. Among many athletes who promote brand’s philosophy are Angela Bandini, Fernando Ferreira “Pipin”, Chris Sharma, Simone Origone, Alessandro Ballan, Damiano Cunego, Vittorio Brumotti and much more.

Sector produces various models of trendy sport watches, with a great performances and hard materials, trough five mayor collections – Racing, Marine, Mountain, Urban and Contemporary.

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