Sector No Limits Watch With Chronograph 480 – R3271797002

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Sector No Limits was founded in 1973, and ever since, he carries behind the meaning of the constant self-challenge.

Thanks to his unique positioning, which is the result of a mix of innovation and emotional involvement, and of course a persistent communication, Sector No Limits is perfectly related to the several heroes of extreme sports.

The years 80’s and 90’s are characterized by the athlete’s ventures accompanied by technical and sporty watches, Sector No Limits, which have made several memorable record performances.

The undertakings carried out by this heroes, enter the memory of everyone: Sector No Limits becomes the expression of the synthesis between technical qualities of the product and men extreme sports performance, challenging themselves.

Today, Sector No Limits is still connected to those athletes who challenge their abilities to overcome and win their own competition. Consequently, Sector No Limits represents, not only a brand close to these athletics, but a real style of life.

A way of life full of adrenalin, success, constant challenge for the exceed of self limits through hard work, training, perseverance, stability and severity in a sport, without an extreme danger, daily experienced with the aim to exceed, winning the most important competition: the contest with themselves, surpassing oneself and establishing new destinations and new goals.

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